Frequently Asked Questions

Routine Cards

Why are routine cards important?

Establishing daily routines are important for toddlers and children to help build a sense of predictability, which in turn helps them feel safe and secure.

It is also a valuable stepping stone to help them feel heard and understood, by allowing them to have input into how their day is structured. 

How can these help with toddler tantrums?

We do acknowledge there is not a foolproof way to completely eradicate tantrums nor would you want to as they are a normal part of child development, but if you wish to bring the tantrum count down a little we've found in our research that implementing routine cards help for the following reasons:

Predictability - when your child knows what to expect and when to expect it they will trust in you and feel safe and secure. When you keep food and sleep consistent they are less likely to be overtired or hungry which can be triggers for toddler tantrums.

Autonomy - when you give your little one the chance, within acceptable boundaries, to choose or control their own actions you'll find them to be happier to comply. For instance, when it's time to get ready for bed your conversation perhaps could begin with "would you like to get dressed in your pyjamas or brush your teeth first?". 

Feeling understood - long gone are the days when kids were only seen and not heard. Validating your child's requests, needs and feelings not only builds their self-confidence but their relationship and respect with you. 

How do you use routine cards?

You could start by choosing a quiet time in the morning or evening to introduce the concept to your child. Lay the cards out and explain that you would love their input to plan their daily rhythm. This visual schedule does not need to adhere to a strict timeline, but more to help them navigate which activity is to occur next.

We've seen our cards being used in many wonderful ways in households and classrooms across the globe. Our personal favourites are:

  • Using string and little pegs to hang each card across a wall
  • Placing magnets on the back, and placing these on the fridge
  • Using our laminated routine chart with velcro dots

Can you create custom routine cards?

Yes we can! We are more than happy to help. Please contact us so we can arrange a quote.

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