About The Creative Sprout


We began like a small seed in the darkness, unsure of our direction but with deep yearning for a better world. 

As mothers with strong roots in graphic design, we always knew we wanted to use our creative talents for something more. We had dreams that our art would enrich the lives of children around the world and have such an impact that it would carry them into adulthood.    

We began The Creative Sprout in the 2020 lockdown, while looking for ways to ease our little ones to a new way of life. With our interest in the Montessori way, it became clear to us routine was key. 

This idea grew into our first success, a concept other mums, like us, were also looking for. With the feedback we received from parents, teachers and other educators, we refined these original digital downloads into something tangible, a printed set of cards which sold worldwide. That became our first branch.    

Like a tree we continued to thrive upward and outward. The second branch came with our longing for something deeper which we hoped would create a bigger impact on each child that came across them. We created the Affirmation cards, which began our journey towards our true passion of nurturing mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and resilience in children.

This calling is something close to our hearts. Having both struggled with anxiety, we knew our mission as a company would be to help families build a strong foundation for their child to be an emotionally resilient young adult and help them become a well rounded mindful adult, free from mental struggles like anxiety and depression. 

We dug deep, researching, speaking with experts and receiving guidance from all areas until we saw the missing piece. Our third branch is the strongest so far, the Calm Kit embodies all things to build and nurture each child and enable them to flourish.

Looking into the future, we are aiming high and will be creating more resources to help children grow and develop in these difficult times. We truly support all parents in their journey into cultivating their little ones resilience and mindfulness, believing wholeheartedly that it's the best gift you will ever give your child. 

In the spirit of giving back and cultivating change we pledge to donate $1 of every sale to a nominated charity every quarter. We will be launching this in October 2021. If you know of a charity that needs a little blessing please contact us directly we would love to hear from you.

Saara and Michelle xx


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