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We give $1 from every sale to a life changing project

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inspire change, so that every child feels safe, supported & empowered

This has inspired us to partner with i=change so you can shop with purpose. For every purchase made, we donate $1 to one of the below projects of your choice.

  • Support a child to recover: Provide specialised counseling for abuse. Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Protect a woman: Provide shelter to a woman. Women's Community Shelters
  • Support kids with cancer: Help families find their strength. Redkite

Thank you for helping us make a change.

Support a child to recover

Provide specialised counseling for abuse

Australian Childhood Foundation supports children to recover from the trauma of abuse and family violence. We exist to protect children and restore childhood through relationships that guide, support and have the power to help children heal. We provide specialist therapeutic support to children and young people to help them heal and feel safe, as well as educate and empower communities to safeguard children from abuse. Through the promotion of the protection of children, we aim to reduce the impact of trauma by building communities where children are held in safe and loving relationships, free from abuse and violence. 

The Australian Childhood Foundation 

Women’s Community Shelters 

Protect a woman

Provide shelter to a woman.

Women's Community Shelters puts the women and children at the centre of everything we do. We work with community to provide shelter to women and children who are escaping domestic violence or homelessness. We work with community partners to provide housing, particularly for older women and help them plan for their life ahead. We work with young people through our WTT program to talk about healthy relationships/gender equality and connect them to our shelters where they help fundraise and provide support. We help organisations have discussions about domestic violence and its impacts in the workplace through our WTT corporate. 

Support kids with cancer

Help families find their strength.

Redkite is there with real emotional, financial and practical support for families who have a child with cancer (aged 18 and under). Because holding it together when your child’s life is in question can feel impossible.