Anxiety Affirmation Cards for Kids

A lifeline of courage amidst the storm of anxiety
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Empower your child's journey with our Anxiety Affirmation Cards

As a parent or caregiver of an anxious child, navigating through their worries can often feel overwhelming. Our cards serve as a guiding light, offering verbal affirmations to bolster your child's coping skills and empower them to conquer their fears.

  • 26 Positive Affirmation Cards
  • Developed with Expert Guidance: Designed in collaboration with a child psychologist for targeted support.
  • Encourages Emotional Resilience: Offers empowering affirmations to nurture your child's confidence and courage.
  • Visual Reinforcement: Each affirmation is thoughtfully paired with a hand-drawn illustration, providing visual cues to help young minds internalise the positive messages.
  • Tailored for Children: Specifically crafted to resonate with young minds, providing reassurance and hope.
  • Release from Guilt: Let go of any feelings of helplessness or frustration, knowing that you're actively supporting your child's well-being by expanding their toolkit of coping skills.
anxiety affirmation cards for kids

The Specs

  • 26x A6 cards
  • 350gsm card stock
  • Rounded corners & protective matt celloglazing for durability
  • Packaged in an organic eco friendly cotton drawstring bag for safekeeping

Endorsed by experts

Our products are backed by a team of industry professionals, including OT's, child psychologists, counsellors, parents, and educators, ensuring quality and reliability you can trust. 


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Happiness Guarantee

We believe in the transformative power and quality of our cards and their positive impact on families like yours. We proudly stand behind our products with a 30-day Happiness Guarantee - love them or return them.


Affirmations are statements that encourage a positive mindset, by challenging negative or unhelpful thoughts. There is even scientific evidence that shows repeating positive affirmations daily can help change negative thinking patterns to positive ones.

There are so many fun and engaging ways we use our Affirmation Cards. Firstly, explain why we use affirmation cards and what we want to achieve by reading them. ⁠

For example, I would say 'Affirmation cards teach us to think positively, so we can remember them when we need them most. They also help us to be kinder to ourselves and others.'⁠

1. Make Affirmation cards a daily routine - Sit down with your little one and pick a card. This may be a card that is relevant to an event of the day, otherwise make it a mystery pick.

2. Hide a card in your little ones' lunch box or under their pillow!⁠

3. Hang a few on the wall and discuss them then rotate them weekly.⁠

4. Use them as a discussion tool - get them to explain a time when they felt 'helpful' or 'when their feelings mattered'.⁠

5. Use them as cards to give out to their friends who they think may need some support - write a little note on the back!⁠

6. Simply read them together, and make them into a song!⁠

Our affirmation cards are designed for children aged 3 to 10, although they can be beneficial for children of all ages.

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Customer Reviews

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Megan Godfrey
Beautiful cards

The quality of these cards are excellent, they’re a great size with beautiful illustrations and powerful messages! My Son picks out a card each week to display on our fridge. He likes to read it out loud and remind himself of how strong, capable and amazing he is! I chose our fridge to display it on as he goes in there 4658383 times a day! Hahaha!