Calm Corner Kit

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Embrace Big Feelings with Ease

As a parent, navigating your child's big emotions can be exhausting and overwhelming. But what if there was a solution that didn't involve tears or timeouts? Enter our Calm Corner Kit. With our kit by your side, you'll discover the power of co-regulation, forging deeper connections and nurturing emotional resilience, one card at a time.

  • Includes our 3 Best Selling card sets
  • 20 Emotion Cards: With vivid colours and engaging illustrations, they serve as a playful yet effective tool to help children explore and understand their feelings, fostering emotional intelligence and self-regulation through guided questioning and activities tailored to each emotional state.
  • 12 Calm Down Cards: Offering a diverse range of engaging activities as visual aids for your child's journey to self-regulation. From breathing exercises to mindfulness techniques, these versatile hand-illustrated cards provide essential tools to navigate big feelings, reduce tantrums, and cultivate resilience.
  • 26 Affirmation Cards: Introduce your child to the power of positive self-talk and confidence-building with our Affirmation Cards for Kids, lovingly crafted with hand-drawn illustrations to cultivate mindfulness, kindness, and resilience from an early age.

What is a Calm Corner?

A Calm Corner is a safe place in your home or classroom where a child who is experiencing BIG feelings can go calm their bodies, engage in mindfulness and release intense emotions in a safe and controlled environment.

Not to be confused with a ‘naughty corner’ or being placed in ‘time-out’, the Calm Corner is a place for a child to feel calm and balanced again. This space may consist of some comfortable, soft cushions and blankets. Along with a basket full of sensory resources or activities for your child to engage with, which will enable them to regulate their emotions and help them regain their emotional and physical control.


  • 3x A6 card sets
  • 350gsm card stock
  • Rounded corners & protective matt celloglazing for durability
  • Packaged in an organic eco friendly cotton drawstring bag for safekeeping


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Still got questions?

Whether you're curious about the contents of our kit, its benefits, or how to effectively integrate it into your child's routine, we've got you covered with insightful answers to your most pressing questions.

What is included in my Calm Corner Kit?

In every Calm Corner Kit you will receive: 20 Emotion Cards, 12 Calm Down Cards, 26 Affirmation Cards

How do you introduce a calm corner?

Introduce the Calm Corner when your child is in a calm state. Make it part of your daily routine by encouraging mindful time or simply cuddling and reading about emotions together. Ensure you keep things playful and consistent.

Spend about 2 to 3 weeks engaging with them in the space. You may even begin to model using the Calm Corner when you feel mad or upset. Verbalise this with your little one by saying, "I am feeling angry. I am going to visit the Calm Corner and take some deep breaths to calm down". Continue to model this with different emotions and engage with the sensory resources or activities set up to help your child understand how you use the space to self-regulate.

Once your little one is comfortable and engaging with the Calm Corner, it's time to utilise it when they have a tantrum or meltdown. The goal is to help deescalate the child when they feel overstimulated. Follow their cues, let them know they are not alone, offer hugs and allow them to have space if they need it.

As the child becomes more confident in the space, take a step back and allow them to take control of how they use the Calm Corner to regulate their emotions. These are their first steps toward self-regulation and away from guided or co-regulation.

What age are these cards suitable for?

Our cards are designed for children aged 3 to 10, although they can be beneficial for children of all ages.

Do you offer bulk discounts for schools or organisations?

Yes, we offer special discounts for large orders. Please contact us directly for more information on pricing and ordering options.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely descriptions of emotions with strategies to cope. The activities are great ideas and will be useful when my boy is a little older. I got holes punched in the cards to be able to put ring binders/clips on them to keep them together and hang them in a visible space.

Brooke MacTaggart
Gorgeous quality

Love this bundle! Highly recommend. My 4 yr old daughter enjoys choosing her own affirmation each day. The quality of the cards are beautiful, as are the illustrations. I also love the conversation starters.