Independence Bundle

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Our Independence Bundle combines our Routine Cards and Communication Cards, helping your little one on their journey to independence. 


Bundle 1:

20x Magnetic Routine Cards & 30x Communication Cards


Bundle 2:

72x Daily Routine Cards & 30x Communication Cards


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- 72 Daily Routine Cards

- 20 Magnetic Routine Cards

- Communication Cards


Communication Cards

Our Communication Cards have been thoughtfully designed to help children who struggle to communicate their needs and wants to their caregivers.

The goal is to help children communicate their needs more effectively and provide them with more advanced communication skills to further their development. 

Within this set of cards, you will find the following statements:

• I need a drink, I'm thirsty
• I need to rest, I'm tired
• I need to use the toilet
• I need a snack, I'm hungry
• I need to wash my hands
• I need to cool off, I feel hot
• I need to warm up, I feel cold
• I need help
• I need 5 min of calm-down time
• I need my glasses it's too bright
• I need a BIG hug
• I need a quiet and calm place
• I need my headphones, it's too loud
• I need to colour in
• I need to listen to music
• I need screen time
• I need to go outside 
• I need my favourite toy
• I need to read a book
• I need to move my body
• I feel sad
• I feel happy
• I feel angry
• I feel worried
• I feel sick
• I'm hurt
• I love you
• Yes, please
• No, thanks!

72 Daily Routine Cards

Routine cards are a wonderful way to help ease transitions and reduce meltdowns for children. They are also a powerful tool to help nurture independence, build predictability and allow our little ones to feel like they have some control.
This set of cards will take your toddler from early childhood to the new season of schooling and responsibilities.

Includes the following routine cards:

Wake up, Put on shoes, Toilet x2, Eat breakfast, Get dressed, Brush teeth x2, Brush hair, Put on sunscreen, Put on hat, Put on jacket, Gloves/Scarf, Wash face x2, Make bed, Free time, Play outside, Change nappy, Eat lunch, Quiet play, Nap time, Eat snack, Pack up, Swimming, Shopping, Park, Family time, Car trip, Catch bus, Pack lunch, Bike ride, Library, Pack bag, Unpack bag, School, Play sport, Music lesson, Play date, Clean room, Clean toy room, Do laundry, Do chores, Do dishes, Dentist, Take vitamins, Water plants, Wash hands, Mindfulness, Listen to music, Craft time, Care for pet, Cooking, Daycare, Exercise, Clean bathroom, Homework, Screen time, Doctor, Take medication, Study, Take out rubbish, Help cook dinner, Set the table, Lights out, Get a drink, Brush teeth, Eat dinner, Story time, Bath/shower, Pyjamas, Cuddle time, Bed time



20 Magnetic Routine Cards

This set of 20 magnets covers the often tricky morning and bedtime routines. Sit down with your child and plan out each step together. Giving them a sense of control, within limits.

Includes the following magnets:

Morning Routine:
Wake up
Eat breakfast
Get dressed
Brush teeth
Brush hair
Make bed
Pack bag
Put on shoes

Evening Routine:
Pack up
Chat about day
Eat dinner
Brush teeth
Get a drink
Story time
Bed time


We hope your little one finds their voice and harness independence within their environment.


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