Printable French / English 72 Routine Cards

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Are you a bilingual family? Or are you wanting to help your child learn a second language?

Help your little one learn French whilst creating a structured day with our hand-drawn bespoke routine cards. These cards have been thoughtfully created with your little one in mind. Little ones love nothing more than feeling like a big kid, giving them control within limits is a great way to achieve this.

Sit down together and organise their day. A little one who's heard and understood is more likely to be happy to go through their daily routine. It definitely beats tantrums and refusal to cooperate.

Please give it a go, we hope it helps your day-to-day life.

This French pack includes 72 routine cards, taking your toddler from early childhood into the new season of schooling and responsibilities. Both French and English translations are included on each card.

Have another language request? Send us a message, we would love to help!

This direct digital download includes the following cards:

Se réveiller
Mettre ses chaussures
Aller aux toilettes x 2
Prendre le petit déjeuner
Se brosser les dents x 2
Se brosser les cheveux
Mettre de la crème solaire
Mettre son chapeau
Mettre son manteau
Mettre ses Gants/son écharpe
Se laver le visage
Faire son lit
Temps libre
Jouer dehors
Prendre un goûter
Faire un temps calme
Faire la sieste
Faire les magasins
Aller au parc
Passer un moment en famille
Prendre la voiture
Prendre le bus
Emballer son repas
Faire du vélo
Aller à la Bibliothèque
Faire son sac
Sortir ses affaires
Aller à l'école
Faire du sport
Avoir un cours de musique
Temps pour jouer
Nettoyer sa chambre
Nettoyer la salle de jeux
Faire la lessive
Faire les corvées
Faire la vaisselle
Aller chez le dentiste
Prendre ses vitamines
Arroser les plantes
Temps libre
Faire la fête
Écouter de la musique
Activité artistique
S'occuper de son animal
Promener le chien
Laver le chien
Nettoyer les besoins des animaux
Nettoyer la salle de bain
Faire ses devoirs
Temps devant l'écran
Aller chez le médecin
Prendre ses médicaments
Sortir les poubelles
Aider à préparer le repas
Mettre la table
Se laver le visage
Extinction des feux
Lire une histoire
Prendre son Bain/sa douche
Mettre son pyjama
Faire des câlins
Aller se coucher


Also includes;

12 x Blank cards
1 x Set of Routine Cards (99 x 105mm) - 6 to 1 A4 Sheet
1 x Set of 24hr Time Cards from 05:00 until 21:00 - 15min intervals (if you require AM/PM time format please send us a message)
1 x Set Days of the Week

We recommend printing on heavier-weight paper or laminate for extra durability.

Please note: This is a non-editable digital download. No physical product will be shipped. These files are for personal use only. Files may not be shared, copied or sold to any third party. If you need a commercial license or would like to become a stockist, please contact us.

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