About The Creative Sprout

Welcome to The Creative Sprout. We’re Saara & Michelle, and we're incredibly grateful you're here with us on this journey.

Picture us as a small seed, nestled in the dark soil, uncertain yet hopeful. As mothers ourselves, with five little ones between us, our roots firmly grounded in graphic design, we've always felt a deep calling to make a difference.

From the very beginning, we dreamed of creating art that would not only brighten children's worlds but would also shape them into resilient, compassionate adults. Guided by our shared values in parenting, we envisioned a world where emotions are embraced, where sensitivity is celebrated, and where every child feels safe to grow.

Our story took root during covid lockdowns. Like many, we struggled as routine flew out the window, we were dealing with BIG feelings, and longing for solutions to help our children in an uncertain world. 

Being visual thinkers, we searched for tools to aid our journey. We couldn't find resources that embodied our ideals or were aesthetically pleasing. In this problem, we found a solution, and thus, The Creative Sprout was born—a haven where design meets practicality, where every product is crafted with love and purpose.

We launched our collection with Routine Cards. Little did we know, these humble cards held a hidden power—they became a beacon of support for neurodiverse children. With a loved one in Saara’s family touched by autism, the desire to make a difference burned deep within us. The overwhelming response from parents, educators, and therapists alike fueled our passion and inspired us to channel our creativity to do more for the world. 

Like a tree we continued to thrive upward and outward. The second branch came with our longing for something deeper, which we hoped would create a bigger impact on each child that came across them. We created the Affirmation cards, which began our journey towards our passion of nurturing mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and resilience in children.

This calling is something close to our hearts. Having both struggled with anxiety, we knew our mission as a company would be to help families build a strong foundation for their child to be an emotionally resilient young adult and help them become a well rounded mindful adult, free from mental struggles like anxiety and depression. 

After delving deep into research, working closely with experts, and drawing wisdom from every corner, we unearthed our third branch: the Calm Corner Kit. Saying goodbye to the old 'time-out' corner and embracing a haven of connection—the 'time-in' corner. Here, parental love surrounds every moment, embracing emotions with understanding and support. Within this lies our heartfelt collection: Emotions, Calm Down, and Affirmation cards. They're not just cards; they're tools for parents to navigate their children's emotions, fostering resilience, cherishing individuality, and deepening connections.

Looking into the future, we are aiming high and will be creating more resources to help children grow and develop. We truly support all parents in their journey to cultivating their little ones resilience and mindfulness, believing wholeheartedly that it's the best gift you will ever give your child. 

Saara and Michelle xx


We are passionate about supporting small Australian businesses:

All our card sets are printed at a small local family-run printer, as we value quality over cost. Sourcing locally does come at an expense evenso, we believe in creating a positive cycle of giving back locally.

Our passion extends to our stockists. We take care to find like-minded brands that resonate with our core purpose. We love the community we have built and the chance to support their journey. 

If you are a small Australian business looking to partner with us, we would love to hear from you!

Quality is our priority:

Our background in design means we know what to look for in design choices and materials. By producing our products in Australia, we can oversee every step to ensure the highest level of quality control. 

We endeavour to create products that grow with your children and avoid any shortcuts to achieve this.

Certified and endorsed by experts: 

Our products are backed by a team of industry professionals, including OT's, child psychologists, counsellors, parents, and educators, ensuring quality and reliability you can trust. 

We are an environmentally conscious brand:

We have taken steps to reduce plastic use. We ship with cardboard mailers. All our card sets come in an eco-friendly, reusable, organic cotton drawstring bag. Our display stands are handmade from eco-friendly timber (by John, Saara's Dad). As our business expands, our goal will be to move to recycled card stock.

We believe in giving back:

In the spirit of giving back and cultivating change, we donate $1 of every sale to charity. 

Once you purchase with us, you are redirected to our donation page, where you can select one of three charities to donate on our behalf.

We love to support the NDIS:

We can supply an invoice for NDIS funding - Please email hello@thecreativesprout.com.au with your order number (we recommend checking eligibility with your Plan Manager first).

What’s our vision for the future? 

We see a world where depression and anxiety is not the norm. A world where young adults have a strong sense of self-worth and know how to meet their emotional needs.

Thank you to our local suppliers and clients who have supported us throughout our journey. We look forward to creating more unique resources to support children’s needs worldwide.